Space cards

The access cards are a valuable part of making our space safe and yet accessible 24/7.
Some great minds understand that adding extra stuff onto the cards makes for a better and easier time.
So, ignorant of the above, I have undertaken to merge the very retro rfid access card with this centuary’s smart devices using QR codes, blood, sweat and a few quite moments. And. A selection of choice terms, expressions and ideas.
The following is the current ‘state of play’.
Its not a real swipe card. Just a test print card.
Lets start with a picture that makes more sense than me.

Creating the HSBNE space card system has, and continues, to be a memorable and compelling experience. Getting familiar with the printer has brought back childhood memorys of Dad, his dental practice and hobby cow farm. In particular the wonders of birth. As this going from inside to outside means complications can arise, see next picture.

A rarely known fact for many HS members to appreciate is the transition from rubber band driven techology, like realy old dentist drills - like Dad had. To newer smoke powered technology enjoyed by many members and integral to this project. Like smart devices and modern tech stuff thingies. dental-drill-belt-driven.
See picture above. Image that beauty slowing grinding through your enamel and tooth insides to fix a cavity or root canal.

Fortunately the Zebra p330i card printer is not fussy about its insides. While a real belt is on its way, tkz Pres Josh, a #64 rubber band is keeping the project on track. See two pics above for the before and after shots of my first internal precedure on the beastis. Hint more internals are expected.

Next installment will not be so visually confronting and much more techo with words like QRCode, python, tkinter.
Far warning. Pyserial will be mentioned along with serial ports and loooowww speed communications, checksums and other really old stuff.