Spacebucks Donation Terminals

(Jaimyn Mayer) #1

I’m starting a build log for the new Spacebucks Donation Terminals that I’m designing. So far all the parts have been ordered and some are starting to arrive. This hardware and design will primarily be used for Donation Terminals, but could also be used for any battery powered NFC swipe terminals (for example a meeting swipe).

Donation Terminal Usage:

  • click the + or - button to select donation amount
  • swipe card to show balance and confirmation message
  • click button to confirm transaction

(Jaimyn Mayer) #2

The first bits (LCD screens) have arrived!

(Jaimyn Mayer) #4

I’ve found this library which works well with the LCD displays. I’ve also checked and they operate well enough on the built in 3.3v regulator (they only draw 8mA). This means no other circuitry (ie a boost converter) is necessary.

I’ve also been working on a breakout board design to make it easier to assemble them and make it easier to do upgrades/maintenance. It measures just 30mmx30mm.

(Jaimyn Mayer) #5

I’ve just finished a prototype of the front panel. It will be either 3D printed (so it looks the same as the rest of the body) or laser cut if the text doesn’t come out ok. You can see the rectangle for the LCD and the three UI buttons. Behind the text and wireless symbol will sit a thin bit of acrylic. The RFID antennas will sit just behind this. If I end up having any spare GPIOs I will put an LED in the circle bit of the wireless symbol to signify when it’s active.

It’s currently 130mmx130mm and will be about 50mm thick.

(Jaimyn Mayer) #6

Made a prototype front panel tonight. It works well apart from a minor spacing issue with the LCD screen.

(Jaimyn Mayer) #7

So I’ve got most of the firmware written for the donation terminals. Now I just have to implement the backend stuff. This is what it looks like so far.

  1. Tap Card (will support phones soon)
  2. Select amount with +/- buttons
  3. Select green OK button to confirm

(Jacques) #8

You have been busy. Well done. It is looking promising.
After the back-end, can you also have a web interface so that “donors” can be sent a URL to donate?
That way, either the physical terminal as shown can be utilized when at the space, or either we can send requests for donation to friends to help HSBNE, using a link to donate via the web.

(Jaimyn Mayer) #9

This is only for donating to a cause from your spacebucks balance. It isn’t meant to be (can can’t be) used by people who aren’t members as it requires a HSBNE access card. Once this project is finished, I’ll work on an online donation form for external people. :slight_smile:

(Jaimyn Mayer) #10

The PCBs have arrived and seem to fit well. However, the connectors aren’t here yet so I’ll have to wait a while before assembling them. This does leave me with more time to test the design and make sure everything works well though.

(Jaimyn Mayer) #11

The backend support for these readers in the portal is now basically finished. I’ve worked out how to make these work with Xero so that we can move money around and properly track it. I’ll do some more extensive testing when the readers are fully finished.

I’ve tested the PCBs and have found a small issue so I’m going to have to order another batch. Other than that, the design seems to work well. I’ve also now got all of the connectors.

I’ve started work on the rest of the casing for the terminals. I’ve put together a prototype, would love some feedback. Please note that the acrylic panel is 2mm thicker than it should be so it sticks out slightly. It should sit flush like the wooden one.

Wooden Panel:

Acrylic Panel: