Spending Dollarydoos

We’ve got approximately $1670 to spend on the metal shop thanks to a grant. Any purchased items need to be new, and due to space requirements we can’t really have anything large.

Personally, I’d like to buy a new chop saw + a dry cut saw + hydraulic press - assuming we’re allowed to buy multiple tools. The saws themselves would be heavily interlocked, and any breakage of the dry cut saw from improper use would end up with the user being entirely responsible for replacing the blades (which only break if they’re mistreated). With that being said, I’m open to suggestions about what other people think.

Dewalt 355mm Cold Cut Saw - $815
Dewalt 355mm Cut Off Saw - $449
20t Hydraulic Press - $299

Total cost - $1563

I like those ideas. I was going to suggest something for sheet metal work like a shear or a brake but we might be able to build attachments for the press to do small items.

This for sheet metal

Not on this budget obv but I still really want to see one of these in the metal shop:


Press brakes are ok but just not that versatile. The combo units have all the issues combo units tend to have so +1 for separate rollers, guillotines, brakes etc.