Spray Booth

It might be cool to tidy up space in the back of the large project assembly room (where the segways currently are) to put in a ~2 sq meter spray booth when the air lines are all working. If somebody could lend us a hammer drill, I would be happy to build the walls and ceiling from scrap timber (after the 4th). If the ceiling is sturdy enough it could be used for additional storage.

I have some thoughts!

I’ve been idly playing with a spray booth idea for a while for the space. What I’m currently thinking would be the best move would be to:

  • Designate the end two rooms in the warehouse to woodworking
  • Move the screen printing and kiln stuff into the ‘air hockey’ room and turn that into ‘semi clean arts’
  • Designate the next room (the third in between the big warehouse and the 2 woodworking) as a paint room.
  • Build an airlocked spray area with plastic walls, correct ventilation etc in one end of the room.
  • Provide air guns, cleaning chemicals, posters with procedures. shop air. And most importantly, a bench with any appropriate things like pumps for filling/mixing and a sink.

NB: Re a sink. We have all the plumbing ready to put water into all the warehouse rooms right now. What we don’t have is:

  • Enough sinks
  • A way of draining the water to an appropriate location (not storm water) (theres various plumbing around the place but we haven’t investigated it all thoroughly enough yet.)

Aaaaanyhow, I think paint is a universalism, I think if we do a paint area it will be welcome and used by members, and I think its worth devoting that room to it.

i often come across old laundry tubs i can bring over instead of taking to the tip, if this is good enough
and i can plumb it in if needed.
Doing a whole room is a great idea but it would be good if we could make it big enough to get a vehicle in there.

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Great Idea go ahead and build it.

If you want to move the kiln sell it. It uses too much power to go in any other building.

I went looking for drain options when we moved in and I couldn’t find one.

Maybe building a booth outside next to the members storage area could be an option. It has everything you need except air and an air hose could easily be run over the ground while people are using the booth. Could even put a small air receiver next to booth so you don’t have air supply problems normally associated with long air line runs.

I started working on the layout on Tuesday. That room next to the warehouse has a yellow wall in the corner, and I was thinking of building it all the way across the back wall from there. This would make it roughly 1x3 and 2.5 high. I’d build it with a strong ceiling so that above it can be used for storage and items can be hung while painting. This would make it big enough to fit any removable panel from a car, a whole motorcycle or half the legs off the strandbeest. Making it the size of the whole room would only make it better if an entire car or trailer could be driven in there, which it can’t due to the door size. Also the only correct way to paint a whole car chassis involves removing the engine, transmission, all the glass etc. This also leaves the rest of the room open for use to take apart and assemble the jobs you’re painting, and for general use on small vehicles or other projects of that size without covering it in sawdust, weld grindings or metal shavings.

That room is already being used by several members as a “large project assembly” room. It’s fit for the purpose with a bench grinder, large steel benches, power points (some of which cannot be disabled to convert the whole room into a paint booth since they control the grease pit lights) and many large projects need to be painted but assembled too. This keeps the welding, giant cnc, grease pit and crane areas accessible and not cluttered with large projects such as bikes, trikes, mopeds, segways, mobility scooters and motorcycles. Maybe these large projects can each be designated a pallate to remain upon, so that others can move them easily without separate parts going missing. I’d like to see the order and tidyness of the machine shop grow to consume the whole back building.

We also wouldn’t be able to use 2 woodwork rooms. We don’t even use half of the one we have now. The room next to it has been unofficially earmarked as a dirty CNC room (as opposed to clean CNC aka laser & 3d printing room), where Aussie-Sven and Karl are putting the finishing touches on a large wood CNC mill. If space is an issue in the 1st wood shop, we can move the old CNC mill next door too. For now the space isn’t needed and the kiln may be useful later on. I’m planning to stack the broken server racks as compactly as possible and line up the complete server racks to serve as storage racks for foam and wood to use in the CNC mill.

I’ve started clearing that space but I’ll need Brendan C or Sam P to advise on where those segways can go before I can measure and build the wall. I also helped Mike clear out the clutter from that end of the warehouse and it’s starting to look very tidy. I’ll be bringing in a quick release clip for the bottom corner of the projector screen to allow cars into the grease pit area.

I think before redefining the room’s use it would be wise to propose it to the membership at a meeting, so that it :

  1. Is on the record as something that is happening.
  2. Allows for public discussion about it (Not every member uses the forums, as much as we’d like them to.)

Is the trench an option for an air line?

The trench or possibly even the conduit where we’ve got ethernet and fibre running to the woodshop should work.