Standard Consumables

Lets try and figure out a standard list of consumables and appropriate amounts to have on hand.



??? Will at least need a selection of brad/finishing for the guns.


??? Robertson only, supplier of non cheese grade stuff appreciated.


  • Replacements for the disc sander?
  • Replacements for the handheld ones?
  • Hand sanding sheets?

What else?

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Probably have 2 4L jugs of glue on hand so we never run out.

Also, bandsaw blades, thicknesser blades?

Blades for the mitre station and the table saw are $$$ so not really in the ‘standard’ set.

Drill bits? Should we stock bulk drill bits? I have a china factory that can do us a bunch.

drill bits:

  • standard jobbers
  • brad point bits - need a bulk source
  • spade bits (I’d like to get a full single set but I think that will fall apart quickly, so a bulk source maybe)
  • Forstner bits (expensive, maybe just a set of imperial/metric to start, which is like $150)

any others we should stock?

Also probably going to stock Ph#2 and Robertson impact driver bits in bulk.

scroll saw blades in bulk.

chemicals? ie turpentine, rust remover, acetone, paint thinners?

Without specifically adding things to the list here, Can i suggest that we should have a KANBAN system for consumable.
It doesnt matter how much we buy we will always run out if you cant tell how many are left.
It should be clear what consumables are left at any time and if we order say once a month we should be able to tell what needs to be replaced.
This sort of system can be used for all consumables if we do it right.
Therefore rather than buying small amount of things when they run out we can order items before they run out and order in bulk.

should these chemicals be part of the ‘paint shop’ rather than the woodshop?

Essentially we’re doing this already, kind of. We have or plan to have a bulk supply of these consumables in stock, with a certain amount out ‘on display’, and when the store gets low we top it up. IE if we have 2 4l tubs of glue, we buy another when we get to 1 tub.

The goal of this thread is to identify a standard list of consumables that we stock so that if anyone notices we’re getting low, they can just go buy more and know that we will reimburse them. It just streamlines things so that people dont have to get meeting approval for minor things, and I dont have to be the sole person managing stock levels.

We dont currently have any kind of paint shop. I’d really like us to have one because its really difficult to paint and finish things at the space at the moment as a result. But until such time as we get one going, its probably a good idea to keep some supplies around because they’re generally useful, even if its just for machinery cleaning and maintenance.

My impression (as a someone new) was that I couldn’t easily determine what consumables are supposed to be there now. When I have asked about some items we have run out. So my thought was more along the lines of it should be clear what we have at any time and what is required.

Anyway, woodshop consumables

  • Glues
  • Nails (including for nail gun)
  • Staples (for nail gun)
  • Screws
  • Saw blades
  • sand paper (sheets + for tools)
  • drill bits
  • Dowls

If we can rationalise the power tools we wouldn’t need as many types.

List of initial consumables.

Yellow glue

Sand paper
grits 60- 1800 in wet and dry

Find correct matching brad nails for what we have. Then put list here.

If you find a better price, supplier then what is here. Let me know and ill update the list and then put it on the wiki.