Starting Up Tuesday Barbecues

With the new outdoor area installed, I’d like to start up running a barbecue on Tuesday nights. We’ll have a choice between burger or sausage at a reasonable price. The plan is to begin serving the food at 7pm after the site tour has finished and have the outdoor area set up nicely as an area to hang out for a bit while eating.

Please let me know if you want to help with this. I can’t run one this upcoming Tuesday because I am booked to run an induction, but if a couple of people are willing to put their hand up, I’m happy to get everything you need and have the barbecue set up so you just need to show up, cook & serve.

Hopefully we can get this started next Tuesday, but if not I’ll definitely have it going the following Tuesday when I’m available to help run it.

I’m happy to provide a vegetarian option too. If you want vegetarian, please give me idea for what to get for you.


I’d absolutely love to help with this. Let me know how to assist.

Best way to help is to volunteer to help on the night. We need 3 people to make it work.