Steel framed road bicycle

Hi All

I am searching for a steel framed road bicycle to use as a template and for parts for my infamous twisted steel, blacksmithed bicycle called Nikita.

Happy to pay a reasonable sum for it. Degree of of rust and dust or cleanliness is not important. Only trick is I do not have my own transport atm. So if it can find it’s way to my place or HSBNE that would be ideal.

Trying to find one on fb markets has been difficult due to the reason above.

Thank you kindly

Zak Crowimages.jpeg-34

If you do find one, I’m happy to help pick it up, seeing as I’ve proved I can fit a bike into the Swift :slight_smile:

Thanks :slight_smile: I’ll keep it in mind

I see Emily already beat me to it, but I’m also happy to give you a lift if you find one. Just let me know when/where and I can take you (outside of work hours).

Thanks guys, I really appreciate it. I’ll let you know when you can be of service :slightly_smiling_face: