Steel in the Metal Shop

Hey guys,

Just letting everybody know over the next few weeks I will be working on a whole heap of gear in the metal shop. I’ve recently bought around $3000 worth of laser cut plate, SHS, pipe, etc which is turning up in the next week or so.

I currently have everything on a pallet under the old work bench, and if all goes to plan (and I can make enough time to work on it), most of it should be out of there in the next fortnight or so. If worse comes to worse, I will look for a better temporary storage solution more out of the way until I can finish it all off.

All of the equipment is for the 2019 Brisbane’s Strongest Man and Woman I am running at the Rocklea Showgrounds alongside a huge car show - as this competition has literally doubled in size every year since I started running it, it’s now going to be the biggest strongman competition ever in QLD, and the most well-equipped competition that’s ever been run in the country.

If anybody is interested in coming along either to check out what I do, grab something from the food/drink trucks, or check out the car show which is expecting somewhere between 700-1000 cars and has a dyno competition, etc let me know - I will have a few entry passes to give to HSBNE members.


hey drew, thanks for the heads up, congrats on your growth of the strongman/women comps. just keep in mind the steel shouldn’t obstruct other members from using the equipment and benches, as you mentioned you may need to find alternative short term storage. thanks Craig