Stockroom refit! General use area of HSBNE

Some members may have noticed a bit of a change with the new and improved stockroom, for all stocking convenience!

This post is in conjunction with the Craftpunk refit, which is a post I’m hoping to have the energy to write up after this one.

Back to the topic.

The stockroom is a room that most members are unaware of, and the neglect shows- lots of abandoned projects, potential infrastructure hardware that never got used, and a ton of dust. It also holds the stock for the vending machines and the powerboard. The main concerns in this room were that there was so much junk, accessing the powerboard was hazardous, the space in there wasn’t being used efficiently and holy moly, a parking ticket on a project from 2015! To refresh the collective memory, this was what we were working with:

This got much worse after the first Craftpunk working bee, and the need for a Craftpunk consumables boneyard or shop.

I orginally had ideas around having shallower hooks or shelves on the walls, or using bookshelves. @Nog came up with the idea to use Bunning’s 400kg racking, and did the measuring to make sure it would fit. He also got the approval from the general membership.

So, a trip to Bunnings to take all of their 400kg racking stock and get it to the space! (We didn’t, but my car looked like it did:

Last Tuesday (15th of October) a few wonderful members gave their evening to move everything out of the stockroom, give it a quick clean, set up the new racks, move them in, and them move everything back into the room. It was a lot of stuff:

Massive thanks to @nogthree, @Paula_ODonnell, @Catprog, @doc, @Siridar, @Josh and last but not least, @John_Delbridge for helping turn the stockroom into something we can use! I would like to present the room as clean and empty, and after everything was moved back in:

The best part is, there is still space to use! I have a couple of flow-on projects that I would be happy to have help on-

  1. Moving all the gear from the cabinet in the foyer to shelves in the stockroom, so the cabinet can be re-purposed or at least moved to a better location.
  2. Making a sign for the door so people know it’s not the Forbidden Garden
  3. Making signs for each of the racks as needed- We already need one to say ‘Craftpunk Boneyard’ and ‘Vending machine stock’
  4. Moving the camera a bit so we get clearer shots of anyone accessing the room- it’s set to record people moving in and out, which is the best security we can do, the door cannot be locked because the powerboard is in there. Besides, nothing of high value is kept in this room.

So, that is the stockroom refit! Thanks again to all the awesome volunteers that helped make this a reality!


Very Very nice. Thank you.

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