Stocktaking project

So, today Fionn @elfinvale and myself sat down and hashed out a ton of details about how to do the stocktake of the space, and I realised that this is a project that needs a build log!

Main outcomes of the meeting are:

  • Count everything, no point debating whether an item should/shouldn’t be included, this reduces the decision-making load, will net us a complete picture, and help flag items for removal or action
  • We’re going to use a system that has high functionality for tagging and filtering (Ao3), as this will allow for better cross referencing (e.g. tagging all the consumables for a particular machine)
  • Ao3 will allow us to create barcodes, if that’s a function HSBNE would like to implement in the future
  • Once the stocktake is complete, Ao3 allows for printing out complete lists, one for each cause area would make IRL locating easier and faster (e.g. laminated guides in supermarket aisles)
  • While general areas we will be able to analyse ourselves, or train another volunteer to do (we have a set list of general tags), we will need to work with cause leaders or a nominated member to create tags for specific items in each cause
  • Make as much use of the existing wiki as possible for item descriptions and details.

I have created an initial flowchart for the stocktaking process, and will write up an adding/deleting entry flowchart once I know how to do those things. The initial flowchart can be found here.

One thing that would be good to get advice/input on is on managing photos. Ao3 supports adding static images, my idea is to use a setup similar to the one used for the Doomshelves, my other thought is to create a separate Google Photos account to upload to.

We are also going to ask that a separate discord chat be made under infrastructure, to post questions on items and hopefully get a quick response.

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Sounds great, can you please drop a link to Ao3? I’m not sure what that is.

Here’s the link @elfinvale shared to me to get started, they demonstrated the functaionality to me today and I was really impressed with what it can do, and think it’s very adaptable for our purposes.

The AO3 tagging system has a very interesting design. I’ll have a look at the system in more depth but at first glance it seems suitable.

I’m totally able to talk through Ao3 as well if you like, @jabelone. i’m extremely well acquainted with it lol