Substation 33 Visit

Hi Team,

We had a great chat from Substation 33 last night at the space. For those that missed out, Substation 33 is an e-waste recycling centre that gets in about 300-400kgs of e-waste per week. These guys upcycle, refurbish and sell a lot of their cool stuff, and they brought along a $60 Prusa 3D printer they made with all the parts they get in. Check out their website here:

As discussed last night, they’d be happy to open up shop on a Saturday for us to do a group visit and check out what they have around. Please like or comment if you’d be interested in a group visit so I can work out numbers and organise a suitable date and time.


Im interested… How early saturday are we talking?

Probably at 11AM or 2PM, depending on what Substation would prefer. I’d like to meet for lunch before or after if others are keen.

Ok im interested.

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That is just around the corner from me. Didn’t even know it existed.

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Add me to the list.

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Definitely interested, may be able to pick up some old laptops to try and resurrect. If it’s possible could we please make it for 2pm?

The date has been set! See facebook event here:

Would anyone like a lift in? I’m heading in from the Springfield direction.

Yes please, though maybe we should get someone to take the trailer as well XD