Subwoofer Clearance

Hey guys.

As many of you know, we have a LARGE stock of subwoofers/amplifiers/etc which came from a very respected speaker builder in Brisbane. To start getting rid of some of our stuff, I’d like to offer them to members for a very discounted price - all of which will be going back into the Space to continue building subs and speakers. Eventually, I’d love to run a class on this as we have all the equipment and skills to build some great sounding systems.

The subs themselves are custom Peerless 10" drivers, with Jaycar 240w RMS amplifier modules. These come in a custom made black enclosure, which looks pretty cool (it’s tubular, with the driver/ports on the front and amplifier on the back). I don’t have any pictures on hand, but I can grab some when I get home as I have two of these subwoofers and they sound excellent (as many of the other members who have bought them can attest to).

Although my time is limited, I can probably build a few of these over the next few weeks before I head off on my honeymoon, then it will be full steam ahead. I’ve put a price of $150 on a fully assembled and tested kit, which is quite cheap as I believe the RRP was around $600 when these were sold retail.

If you’re interested, either reply here or send me a PM.

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Can I use them on computer visa USB?

They need either a high level in, or an RCA input.

I’ve got a USB DAC/amp which has a dedicated sub out to run mine from

Is there a price to non-members without preassembly? Depending on price and specs I might be interested.

Check your messages mate.


Just a bump with these - I will try and get some time to put a few of them together in the next few weeks.