Success of HSBNE's first Online Working Bee!

Today we had our first online Working Bee (For both HSBNE and Craftpunk!), our main focus was improving the wiki and making headway on having our online presence as nice as our real world one!

Here’s the link to go admire all the work!

Here’s the commented list:

  • Add a banner (photo or artwork) to make the page more visually appealing

Done! But happy to replace with nicer/fancier artwork if anyone wants to make it!

  • Update cause leader with ‘Craftpunk is using an anarchy-based model of self-governance, but notable Craftpunkians are Meka, Paula and Emily’

Done! With bonus joke!

  • Fix link to current cause members


  • Clean up the expectation list to be more readable

Done! Hopefully this list is now easier to follow

  • Move the meeting minutes to a Forum post, or, create a separate page for Craftpunk meeting minutes.

Done! With some direction on doing minutes added to hopefully foster consistency, Craftpunk has followed the path of the general meetings, they are on the wiki, and cross-posted to the forums. Hopefully this will make them easier to find and refer to.

  • Create individual pages for each tool
    I quite like how Woodshop has done their tool pages, Electronics have used pictures as well as naming for theirs, which I think works well for people who don’t know names, but know what a thing looks like.

The pages have been created, but not populated. We need to decide on a format/template for tooling, so in the next working bee we can set to filling them out. In discussion today, we discussed a few necessary headings- Intro to the tool, safety rules/recommended PPE, Induction- Yes/no? and then what that process is. We might look to following Woodshop in putting Inductions on Canvas. All stuff for a meeting!

  • Add appropriate Youtube videos for relevant machines, e.g. Janome, Barina, etc (Brendan tells me we can embed them into the relevant pages)

This didn’t happen, as we realised we need to decide on tool templates and induction process first.

  • Delete the CNC info


  • The rule about cause members overriding the cause leader is mixed up in being a maintainer? It’s a bit moot anyway.

Another one for a meeting- our cause Operating Policy is still written as having one cause leader, and doesn’t match how Craftpunk has been running as of late, and could therefore do with a re-write to reflect this. The Operating Policy also has now-redundant information around the CNC.

  • Add an update on progress of the room redo, and plans once HSBNE can reopen?

Didn’t get to this, but it might be better to write up the progress as a build log on the Forum and link it back to the wiki under ‘History of Craftpunk’. Another for a meeting agenda!

  • Should we keep classes on the forums/Eventbrite? Easier to communicate that way, and is more accessible to the public.

A link to Eventbrite has been added, obviously in the current situation the classes discussion is difficult, but as these are always-updating/evolving events, it’d be a PITA to keep updating the wiki for them. The list of class concepts is good though.

A very successful day! Many thanks to @nogthree for teaching how to wiki, and to @Paula_ODonnell for ideas and work on the meeting minutes!