Supanova products to make

So, I’m brainstorming things we can sell at Supanova.

Steph has some files people could start printing. I’m able to paint them so don’t worry about the colour:

I thought these moustaches would go down well and are cheap enough to make on the laser cutter:

I also had the idea of making some custom frames that match some of the guests at the convention. Basically 2 pieces of perspex (sized for the celebrity photos) with laser engraved design around the edges and held together with Chicago Screws. I can make graphics if someone can laser cut them. We can also let people choose the colour for the back panel.
I Some ideas are:

  • a Griffindor frame for Matthew Lewis
  • Sean of the dead frame for Nick Frost
  • Stargate frame for Christopher Judge
  • Star Wars frame for Chewie guy Peter Mayhew
  • Napolian Dynamite frame for Jon Heder

I also want to make some Jaffa Silicone scars that people can glue to their foreheads- and get their photo with Christopher Judge :stuck_out_tongue:

Write down any ideas you have here too! Post files people could start printing! Thanks!