Supernova Convention 2014

Hey guys,

Brisbane is going to be running the largest branch of Supernova (Australia’s comic-con equivalent) this year from Friday 28th till the 30th of November, meaning it won’t overlap with university exams like it has in the past. For those of you who don’t already know about this event, I’ll point you to the website here;

With the basics out of the way, my reason for creating this thread is to see how many fellow hackers will be going to this event, if they have gone before, and if applicable, who they will be cos-playing as. The goal of collecting this information is to increase the collaboration of members who will be present at this event, for instance if we have enough interest/numbers we could form a side in the cosplay human chess tournament on the Saturday, or at a more basic level two members who live near each other may be able to car pool.

So I’ll start this off with myself, this will actually be my first entertainment convention (although I’ve gone to work related ones), I’m planning to go to all three days dressed as Fox studios quicksilver of 1973. Currently I’m looking for a cheap\old portable cassette player I can pull apart to so I can make the steriobelt (,412,106&hl ) for this costume somewhat functional, otherwise I’ll just have it as a dummy prop.

Yeah, I’m planing to go. I’m going as Gir from Invader Zim. I think I’ll get a weekend pass.


I’m going to sing the doom song now… :smiley:

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I’ll be going most likely as engineer from tf2.

i’m going. But I don’t dress up.