Surrender Bins


When something breaks on site, people tend to throw it in the bin. This is an issue because it stuffs up our asset management, ie ‘where did that tool go? its just gone’. Sometimes tools that can be easily repaired get thrown out for the lack of something simple like new brushes.

Sometimes something is thrown out because it is electrically unsafe, but not visibly damaged, and people who do not know the issue fish the item back out of the trash.

Proposed Solution 1

Some surrender bins, ie one-way bins, would help us solve this. That way people can put things in the bin and the appropriate people can unlock and empty and assess the contents. A one way bin is similar to how a post box or a vinnies donation box works, where you lift the lid, put the item on the shelf that comes up, lower the lid, dropping the item into the bin.




  1. 1-3 surrender bins, built strong enough to survive HSBNE.

Another way might be a drawer with a hinged floor. When retracted the floor drops to perpendicular. As the drawer is extended wheels roll the floor back into flat, you put borked item on, push the draw back in and the floor gracefully drops the item into the bin.
A lot more moving parts tho.