T slot extrusions to trade for printing

Im looking for someone who can print a few small plastic components for me .I have plenty of aluminium extrusions to trade


How many of the same component do you need and how strong do they need to be.

If you have a lot of the same thing and need them stronger than 3D printed, I can mold things for you.

We are building some frames to hold tablets /ipads
the parts are 55 x 30 x 42
The volume is 36 cubic cm
We can make some and test their strength
there only 3 components at this stage with more if they work

I have done this for laser tablet on 3d printer… However I like the idea of moulding… May be I can use the moulding services as well??

Hals, the designs at present are not a great fit for molding. A slight redesign could make them moldable.

We can work on designs that are moldable if you want to see how that all happens. Can do it in craftpunk or around here and show you how it works if you like.

Hi Andrew
I would be interested in seeing how it works
how long do you think it would take and when could we do it
let me know what i would need to do etc.

Groglet, Well first thing is to redeisgn the parts. You need to either do this yourself so there is no overhand and some draft on any significant large flat area OR tell me what the important features are on the current design so that I can make modified versions