Table and Stools Project for Hamilton Forshore

A few Weeks ago we were approached by the Government Group that manage our lease about Building a table as part of the development for the Hamilton foreshore.

I met up with them last week to get more detail with what they wanted.
The intention is to use the reclaimed timber from the Wharf to build 1 or 2 tables (i will get to that) for the Deck (On the other side of Eat street).

Now, no specifics for remuneration have been discussed, but I did make it clear that this would take quite a lot of time and would cost a bit of money. (I floated the idea internally of linking it to the purchase of specific tools (or maybe other space improvements)).

I presented this on Tuesday night at the AGM and whilst there are a number of people interested in helping, nobody put there hand up to lead this activity. (I am unable to at this time and probably wont be able to put any time into it at all as I am going away at the end of June)

Schedule: They are looking for something to be done by July or August (it is a bit negotiable)

Design: They are looking for a more industrial look. (which means less work to finish). Happy to have Metal legs. We discussed the idea of having two high narrow (50cm) tables (for stools) with wheels. That could be put back to back or split and put at either side of a room. The wheels would be to roll them out of the room and onto the main Deck (I have more specifics on dimensions, they send me the detailed plans for the Deck)

Anyway, here are some images that they provided as an Idea.

So. If you are interested in being involved. Put your name in the thread
If you are interested in helping HSBNE and leading this project, contact me on Discord @ltp and I will give you more information.


I’d be happy to work out with any scutwork required for this, but can’t commit to leading it.

Things I would like to see negotiated here:

  1. I’m a fan of the suggestion that we ask for an amount that could theoretically support someone for the duration of the project, and that if someone is willing to take it on as a project that they are remunerated appropriately.

  2. some extra wood that has no strings attached, for HSBNE to do with as it pleases.

  3. the branding/marking/attachment of a plaque showing it was made at HSBNE.

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I made up couple designs and a rough pricing outline.

The designs:
Current dimensions are 2.5m x 0.8m Standard bar height as per furniture standards.


My current favorite:

The pricing outline is:
3000$ in materials and consumables
6000$ to the space for new tools
3000$ to me for my efforts
I estimate about 150 hours to build the 2 tables and 6 chairs.

Timeline is to order all needed materials in the next couple weeks, get started on it in the uni break end of June. Be done by end of July.

Here are a few links to comparable tables with prices:

What kind of dimensions are they going to be? It’s a bit hard to judge scale from those pictures.

Updated the post. Thanks for pointing that out.

Wild stretch goal - cast our own castor wheels (as they’re going to have to be strong AF anyway).

Bunnings have cheap bases with a cast iron wheels available, so what if we changed to a cast brass wheel?

@Drew_Spriggs Thats a lovely idea but i will not add any more work to that as it is.