Table Saw Induction?

Hey all,

I’m a new member to HSBNE interested in woodworking. I joined on the 1st of January hoping to jump right into it, but realised that I needed an induction for using the table saw. A month later, and there hasn’t been any inductions for the table saw, so I haven’t been able to work on any projects seeing as the table saw is integral to most projects. I’ve also been told that the table saw induction is a prerequisite for the bandsaw and jointer/thicknesser induction (three other essential machines).

Is there anyone in HSBNE that has the time to do a table saw induction? I feel a bit silly paying for a membership when I can’t use it for what I intended. I’ve looked over the forum a bit, and it seems like there are quite a few people waiting for a table saw induction.


Hi Kyle,

Fully understand the frustration. January has been a very busy month for me so far and the schedule just hasn’t resumed. I’ve asked for a table saw induction to go up (I dont have access to make events etc myself) for this sunday 10am-12pm. They’ll be running fortnightly from there provided we meet minimum numbers for each session.

Sorry about the delay. I think there may be a few others in your situation, so in effort to clear the backlog if we can fill a class tonight (tuesday) I’m happy to run an impromptu session.

If you (dear reader) would be able to come tonight for this session please pipe up so i can get a sense of numbers. We will probably run it about 7:30.

Hey Josh,

Thanks for the quick response. I would be happy to go to an induction tonight if others are interested. Otherwise Sunday would work for me too.

Hi all,

I’ll be around for the induction tonight also.


I think it is important to point out a misconception here, the membership fees are not a guarantee to have access to working tools, or any tools for that matter.
They are merely a way to keep the place open, the lights on.
The space is not a gym, it is a community group run by people that think it is worth to dump large amounts of hours into a place that gives the possibilities to make things.

To get the most out of the place it really helps to understand the above. The best way is to make friends, work on projects together, ask for help, give help and support the place as much as possible. Clean something in need of cleaning, repair something, build new infrastructure…