Table Saw misuse, accessories missing

Hi, just to notify the cause, when I went to teach a table saw induction last night I found:

  • One of the featherboards was dismantled and left that way.
  • The rip fence attachment bolts were totally missing.
  • The red arm and magnet for the dial indicator has been removed and not returned.

Please make sure that you leave things how you found them. All table saw accessories are not to be removed from the saw or its cabinet at any point, for no reason, and any dismantling you do must be undone when you are done.

If you see the dial indicator arm, please return it to the table saw cabinet.

I have replaced them with new bolts, however if you find the original bolts for the rip fence, please return them to the table saw cabinet.

the missing items seem to have found their way back, thanks.