Table Saw Online Induction: Beta

I’m pleased to announce the online table saw induction is online in a BETA version.

What does BETA mean?

  • Over the next few weeks the course contents will probably change. I’m not sure what the timeline for a final version is, if we weren’t in lockdown it would be two weeks to a month? But since noone can complete the physical component it will probably be in flux until we reopen.
  • Anyone who participates in the beta will be expected to give feedback. The final question at the end is an ungraded free text response field, so please keep notes as you go through on anything you think is unclear, too easy, too hard etc. We cannot do any reshoots at this stage so any feedback on the video portions may be reserved for future courses at this stage.
  • The course will change according to the feedback, at whatever time the beta ends you may need to redo the quizzes in their ‘final’ version.

With that out of the way, there are 3 courses. You will need to sign up to canvas to access them. I suggest that you sign up with the same email you use for the portal as we may build some integrations between the two down the line.

The pass expectation is 100%. All videos are followed by a comprehension quiz, which are short (2 - 5 questions) and can be retaken multiple times until you pass.

When HSBNE reopens, there will be a physical in person assessment once you have a 100% in all 3 courses. I am looking for people to run these physical in person assessments. They should be short and sweet, mimicing the previous hands on portion of the class.

  • A cross cut, setup from the saw being ‘very wrong’
  • A rip cut, with the saw from ‘normal’
  • A successful blade change

You’ll need to be available for people to do this, hopefully we get enough that everyone does a few a month.

I want to thank everyone who’s put in hard work over the long timeline and many attempts this project has taken. I’m looking forward to helping HSBNE to build more online courses, both to streamlline our own process but to provide outside more widely as an educational resource.

In no particular order:

  • Nathan
  • Sven
  • Murray
  • LTP
  • Ian
  • Jarod
  • Scott
  • Pierce

Looking forward to seeing where this goes. Very glad to be through the majority of this project.


Hi @devians,

Thank you so much for putting up the Table Saw course. It is extremely helpful. I am part way through.

Just to note in the protective equipment section, you didn’t actually say that hearing protection was required. I guessed and I’ve got some.

You said that thin materials can ride up on the blade. How, then, do you deal with thin materials?

It says in the table saw manual that it can take a full sheet of material, I’m assuming 2.4 x 1.4 m. It’s hard to see how the crosscut table could travel that far. Can it or do you move it aside and just use the rip fence?

Thanks again,


Hi @Vancan62

Hmmmm i’ll have to check re hearing protection, we definitely shot it but maybe it didnt get into the video. I’ll confer with people.

Re thin materials, you manage it with push sticks and push shoes

WRT your question re rip cutting full sheets, I would advise you finish the course.

Hi @devians,

Instead of the Accessories video, the 07 Main Table video was repeated.

What does TCG stand for?

In the Blade Geometry video, there is not enough information for me to match different blades to different materials.



Hi @Vancan62

I’ve fixed that video, thanks for the spot. Surprised others didnt say anything :thinking:

TCG stands for Triple Chip Grind

I’ve reviewed the question you’re referring to and I believe all the information is available. If you want to pm me on discord with specific issues we can clarify this. Each blade described has some kind of distinguishing feature that identifies its use. Looking at the tooth type and identifying where on that graph it would sit might help.

Thanks @devians,

I’ll watch that video again and take notes. It’s not easy: so much information is presented in a short time. You’ve created a great course.

Thanks again,