Tablets for sale (space should purchase some perhaps?)


My company, ( has a small pile of android tablets to sell, that we’ve been throwing on ebay every so often. I think we have like 5-10 left. They’re varying specs but all pretty decent. I’ve asked the office manager to sling me a link to one of the ebay auctions, I’ll post that below when he does.

This is just a heads up for members if they’re interested in grabbing any, I think we’re generally offloading them for an average of about $100.

I think we could grab a few for the space since they’d be quite useful. Some ideas off the top of my head:

  • Welcome center mounted in the door of Karl’s new sliding doors
  • Mounted in woodworking/metalworking showing safety and how-to videos
  • Mounted in the space for general utility to space info, like wiki pages or docs or control systems or an intranet page or whatever.
  • Control interfaces to tools/utilities. We have a tablet already for the armoury project but if we wanted to duplicate that.

Anyhow, just a heads up. :slight_smile: