Taz 5 offline for maintenence...please help

Could someone tell what maintenence is needed for the Taz 5. I have a project that needs to print 3mm clear abs.
Help would be appreciated.

Hi Pam,

Maintenance on the Taz is generally provided by @pelrun as it’s our display machine and we want to avoid having too many cooks working on it. The bed has only just been replaced and needs to be re-leveled, we were hoping to get to it on Tuesday but it was too busy.

Please don’t use it until it’s back in action.

Thats a bit disappointing…just level the bed.

The volunteers who maintain the machine will level the bed when they are able The Taz 5 is out of order until they can as the Taz is a display machine and we would like people not to try to maintain it unless one of those existing volunteers is OK with it.

It’s not just the bed levelling, it’s also grinding filament. I spent a couple hours looking at it on Tuesday night and it still kept grinding filament. Levelling the bed is also a pain in the backside and takes time. You’re always more than welcome to demonstrate good/competent skills in maintaining the printers and ask James if you can do it yourself.

I can maintenence the printer but I think the octoprint server is not working. Looks like a handful.

The octoprint server has been disabled. As said above this is a display machine. Unless @nogthree or @pelrun have specifically told you you’re allowed to maintain it, it will be out of action until one of them (or myself) get a chance to have a look at it.

Also just going to throw it out there saying “just level the bed.” comes across as being a little rude. I spent my entire night (at least 8 hours) maintaining, updating documentation and cleaning the 3D printers so they’re a lot easier for others to use. Us volunteers spend a lot of personal time maintaining these printers for others to use. I have my own at home, so have no actual reason to spend so much time on them.

I am sorry I didn’t mean to diminish your work on the Taz…I have leveled my own bed countless times and while a pain isn’t that hard compared to the multitudinous other potential problems that could occur.
I too have a printer at home and I normally use this one. But don’t you think space printers should be at least be accessible. From my experience the Taz has been unavailable far too often.


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Hi Pam,

The Taz had been out of service while we waited for a new bed to arrive as the old one cracked during the PEI being reapplied.

Unfortunately it’s a case of bad timing for your use of the Taz, it’s been operating fine for months prior to this aside from some hiccups.

I’d like to stress again that these are maintained by volunteers, so commenting on their availability does diminish the efforts of those volunteers, even if your intent was not to do so.

I apologise if I have offended anyone.


All good, just be mindful in the future :slight_smile: As nog has said, it’s unfortunate timing. I think we were all actually surprised how long the taz5 lasted before needing maintenance/repair. For such a heavily used/abused machine lasting a few months is pretty good. It’s just been a series of unfortunate events over the last couple of weeks rendering the taz5 incapable of printing at the moment.

Also don’t forget that there are other printers available. I was using the space-i2 perfectly fine 2 days ago and I believe the i3 is mostly working.

Actually, the bed is fine - I installed and levelled it on Tuesday no problem.

The issue is that rotten oversized filament we bought; it just jams far too readily. Can we possibly return the rest of it and get some proper 2.85mm stuff?