Taz 5 signage

Hey all, would it be okay if I put a small sign about the not using tape on the taz 5?


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@nogthree will be adding signage to this today


Hi All, I recently found this article on problems with the taz 5
PEI not sticking properly. It seems z-offset is a problem…I recently had a problem with the slic3r default settings giving 0.5mm initial height. Does the taz 5 nozzle have a 0.5 hole or 0.4? Fixed the problem by using expert mode.

Cheers Pamela

Hey Pamela,

The taz has a 0.5mm nozzle, the profiles set up on octoprint all have the height set correctly so we don’t notice this usually.

Oh it was the slic3r on default settings in simple mode for some reason was starting at 0.5 instead of 0.35.