Taz 5 Upgrades

As a few of you know I’ve been working away at upgrading the Taz for a little while.

*almost every part printed in fire engine red PETG with improved tolerances over factory parts (they are surprisingly sloppy for production parts!)
*X axis rods changed to 12mm
*Y axis rods changed to 12mm
*all bushings replaced, most bearings replaced
*slight improvements in extruder model (better tolerances, more supported model to print, etc)
*9mm wide belts and pulleys
*new Pi extension case
*significantly newer firmware (2015 build vs 2017)
*E steps calibrated

I’m on to the last few bits and pieces I need to finish it off - it might be stuff that people have at home, so putting the general call out. Prefer everything in black to match the rest of the printer.

*M3x8 cap head screws x4
*M3x20 cap head screws x4
*M3x35-40 cap head screws x4
*M3 washers x12
*M3 heat inserts x12

We also need to buy some new filament, as it makes absolutely zero sense to use the unknown condition stuff we have, and the existing 3mm ABS is no good. I’m happy to set up slicer settings for whatever we get.