Taz5 location

EDIT: NVM, sorted.

The only functional 3D printer send to have gone walkabout, is it dead, or has it been borrowed for something else?

Shit sorry, I moved it to the games room.

It was giving really bad prints; I levelled the bed and moved it to the a/c to see if it would improve quality. The a/c didn’t really help but though I’d leave it there, it seems to be a little dryer than the green room to stop water absorption.

Really need a desiccant case for the filament.

Again sorry for not posting up and the inconvienance.

My bad

Just drove home and saw your reply, reckon next time you could put “Moved to the games room” on the sign instead of “Deal with it.” and a pair of sunglasses from a kids show?

EDIT Well if it was to troubleshoot bad prints then that’s cool, I’ll head back in. I hope you haven’t developed contact dermatitis from your unfinished self immolation in the car pit yesterday :slight_smile:

Yeah it was a dick move not letting people know, slipped my mind.

Seems to be fine… though there is still a smell of it in my hair :stuck_out_tongue: maybe time for a hair cut any way ha.

The quality is much better, the bed is still not 100% level, still lifting on the right for large contact areas, think the head crash through it off, but for your stuff it should be good, if you want to be more careful, print it on the left side.

Thanks, these prints should be all I need to get my home printer back on its feet.

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AC won’t improve prints, it’ll do the opposite. You need warmer ambient temps for ABS. And ambient humidity only matters over weeks or months.

Either the filament is waterlogged, needing baking to fix, or it’s being printed far too hot, which needs a profile change. Neither is fixed by moving the machine, so please don’t do it again.