Technics Digital Piano repair

Hey guys and girls, I’ve got a Technics Digital Piano (SX-PR54) that’s died. I’ve owned the piano for many years now, and loved it to pieces, it’s also my only piano, aside from a cheapy backup keyboard. I’m a piano teacher (amongst other things), and my keyboard is bugging me out, so I need to get my digital fixed up.

The problem, as near as I can tell, is the contact board, every 4th white note ascending from about the middle of the keyboard plays at full volume with an echoed tone. Technics no longer make instruments, so you can’t get a replacement board, and the digital piano repair people I’ve called said if they can’t get the board, I may as well just bin it and buy a new one (No way in hell was my response). I’ve pulled it apart once and it looked like there was some corrosion on a small patch of the traces, but I lack the skills or knowledge to do anything about it.

If I bring it along on Tuesday (31st) is there anyone out there that would be interested in cracking it open with me and having a gander?

If it’s just trace corrosion it sounds like a easy fix.
I will try and remember to bring some of my tools to help with the repair.

Acetone, solder mask and some conductive laquer?

Hi. I have a Technics SX-PR54 piano also and was wondering whether or not repairs still available?
It’s just the annoying middle G that sparks whenever I play that.

@merseyless likes Mercury Cider and has seen the inside of an Technics SX-PR54 before, chase him up. If he’s not around PM me and I’ll try to explain how he fixed mine.

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