TH Radial Capacitors Rubycon

Hi Blair,
Our friend, Paul dos Santos has given me an excess stock of capacitors to donate to the HSBNE:
They are all Rubycon Through Hole Radial Capacitors:
500 x 470uF 25V
1000 x 470uF 16V
100 x 1000uF10V
1000 x 220uF 50V
They are in unopened original packing.
Where do you store these as their packing are bigger than the bins?
These values are nice for all PSU and very common to use on all projects.

I know there were some drawer/s being made to go under the desks in the electronic/s area, perhaps they might go there. in the mean time, they can go in any properly labeled box under the electronics bench, till they are found a better home. I recommend the sign say something like “HSBNE Large Capacitor Storage, Electronics Cause. Help yourself, but do not remove or put in boneyard. Donated by X on Date Y”

OK, will get some stickers for these packets then.

excess components are currently stored in the green box under the bench. If you leave them in front of the components cabinets, I’ll get to it.

Hi Blair,
Ok, will leave them on the bench, with their stickers.

Hi Blair,
I left the caps on the bench this morning.