Thank You 2020 Edition

It’s always important to recognise the awesome work that so many members do. Please use this thread to thank members for anything awesome that they’ve done no matter how big or small.

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I’ll start off my thanking everyone who attended the cause leader meeting last night as it was very productive and we bought up some really good points that need further discussing. We also solved (well hopefully!) a number of problems. Special thanks to @Pommygirl for running it.

Tagging some of the people that I can recall who were there: @Pommygirl, @nogthree, (me @jabelone), @crofty, @Siridar, @devians, @ian.kerr.redmond, @reatek and @Boo.


thank you very much for all this work you are doing to make it easy for all of us.

Epic amount of work bro. Congrats on your efforts :blush:

Many thanks to those who helped at the Signage Working Bee… including @Pommygirl for organising the event.

Thank yous from tonight’s meeting:

Thanks to everyone who organised the Hackerspace grant application, we were approved!
Thanks to Josh for following up on grant items with the landlord
Thanks to Ian, Doc, Brendan, Tim, Paula For Craftpunk improvements- aircon out of the way, walls painted
Thanks to Craig for the new lathe in the Metalshop
Thanks to Zach for running errands during working hours


Thanks also to Emily for her help with the Craftpunk renos and participation in last Saturday’s working bee. (just 'cause you wrote it, don;t leave yourself out of it!)

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It just feels a little too grandiose to be thanking myself!

Thank you goes to Murray Wayper (Antifoo on Discord) for donating to our library, we now have
“workshop practice” by William Atherton, vols 1 to 8 for members to browse :smiley:

Thank yous from the general meeting:

Thanks to Eris and Anthony for volunteering to go evaluate a potential CNC and laser cutter donation

Meka, Paula, and Tim for their work on the Craftpunk window

Thanks to Emily for submitting on the BCC grant (We didn’t get it, but will try again when they re-open, hopefully after the election)

Thanks to Kira and Brendan for board game nights

Thanks to Murray, Paul and others for maintaining the woodshop

Thanks to Jaimyn for setting up backups for zigbee screen and portal backups