Thank you 2021!

It is my great pleasure and joy to be able to kick-off the thankyou list for this year with a Massive amount of thanks!

  • Big thanks to Bobby Hale donated a 1litre bottle of titebond ii glue.

  • Thank you to Steve for donating leather sewing machines

  • Thank you to those coming along to the Craftpunk meetups

  • Thank you to Steve Jordan for volunteering to take care of the classroom aircon

  • Thank you to Murray for making the shooting template

  • Thank you to Emily and Brendan for their help with the Covid lockdown

  • Thank you to Geoff and Ryan for their work on the Wiki

  • Thank you to Ryan for his work in the Metalshop

  • Thank you to the Exec for the time put into getting the CNC onsite and other work

  • Thank you to Jaimyn for his work documenting the 3D printer

  • Thank you to Paula for organinsing the Craftpunk meetups!

  • Thank you to Duncan and Ryan for documenting their work in Woodshop

  • Thank you to Brendan for replacing the 3D printer boards

  • Thank you to his Lucas for his work redesigning the Electronics Cause area

  • Thank you to Scott for bringing in cake for Ale’s birthday!

  • Thanks everyone who came along for the Metalshop cleanup

  • Woodshop CNC moving and setup, thanks to Eris, Alex, Ale and Josh

  • Thanks to everyone who helped retrieve the donation from the Kingsford Smith Drive project, and to Josh for organising the truck rental and co-ordinated

  • Thanks Zac, Bobby and Scott for volunteering to help at the Discord Helpdesk

  • Thanks Zac and Alex for running the Forge induction event

  • Thanks to Jaimyn for liaising with the power company for site access

  • Thank you to Josh for his work in getting the switchboard upgraded

  • Thanks to Bobby Hale for volunteering to be the events organiser

  • Thanks to Josh for ongoing battling with the landlord over electricity

  • Thank you to everyone who helped Kierin with his first print

  • Thank you to Eris for his work testing and tagging

I just remembered a thankyou! To @steve.jordan.mail, who cleared all the vine away from the airconditioning units in the classroom (So it’s no longer growing into the classroom). Thanks Steve!