Thank you 2021!

It is my great pleasure and joy to be able to kick-off the thankyou list for this year with a Massive amount of thanks!

  • Big thanks to Bobby Hale donated a 1litre bottle of titebond ii glue.

  • Thank you to Steve for donating leather sewing machines

  • Thank you to those coming along to the Craftpunk meetups

  • Thank you to Steve Jordan for volunteering to take care of the classroom aircon

  • Thank you to Murray for making the shooting template

  • Thank you to Emily and Brendan for their help with the Covid lockdown

  • Thank you to Geoff and Ryan for their work on the Wiki

  • Thank you to Ryan for his work in the Metalshop

  • Thank you to the Exec for the time put into getting the CNC onsite and other work

  • Thank you to Jaimyn for his work documenting the 3D printer

  • Thank you to Paula for organinsing the Craftpunk meetups!

  • Thank you to Duncan and Ryan for documenting their work in Woodshop

  • Thank you to Brendan for replacing the 3D printer boards

  • Thank you to his Lucas for his work redesigning the Electronics Cause area

  • Thank you to Scott for bringing in cake for Ale’s birthday!

  • Thanks everyone who came along for the Metalshop cleanup

  • Woodshop CNC moving and setup, thanks to Eris, Alex, Ale and Josh

  • Thanks to everyone who helped retrieve the donation from the Kingsford Smith Drive project, and to Josh for organising the truck rental and co-ordinated

  • Thanks Zac, Bobby and Scott for volunteering to help at the Discord Helpdesk

  • Thanks Zac and Alex for running the Forge induction event

  • Thanks to Jaimyn for liaising with the power company for site access

  • Thank you to Josh for his work in getting the switchboard upgraded

  • Thanks to Bobby Hale for volunteering to be the events organiser

  • Thanks to Josh for ongoing battling with the landlord over electricity

  • Thank you to everyone who helped Kierin with his first print

  • Thank you to Eris for his work testing and tagging

I just remembered a thankyou! To @steve.jordan.mail, who cleared all the vine away from the airconditioning units in the classroom (So it’s no longer growing into the classroom). Thanks Steve!

  • Thanks to Zac for running Forge Inductions

  • Thanks to Josh for being onsite for the rollerdoor installation

  • Thanks to Craig for coming in early and bolting down grinders

  • Thanks to Josh for persevering with getting approval for electrical works

  • Thanks to Whoever fixed the Craftpunk door- You may be

  • Thanks to Jaimyn for continued works on Spacebucks, new member flow, and stripe billing

  • Thanks to Brendan for researching laser cutter stuff

  • Thanks to all that helped with Electronics setup and the functional work

  • Thanks to Eris for filling out the asset register and testing’n’tagging everything

  • Thanks to Sharam for getting us some solidworks licences

  • Thanks to Tim for sorting through the games room equipment

Thanks a tonne (literally) to Alexi and Andrew for helping me to move all the steel inside from the quad.

Big thank you to Jess for helping move the power hammer inside out of the weather! Very much appreciated your help.

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  • Thanks to Alexi and Andrew for helping Eris to move a ton of steel

  • Thanks to Jess for helping Alex to move the powerhammer

  • Thanks to Alex for organising the knife-making class with Wayne of Cracked Anvil

  • Thanks to Zac for organising a PPE cabinet, PPE for the Forge area, and the Forge inductions

  • Thanks to Ale and Ryan Marple for modifying the table saw for better accuracy

  • Thanks to Eris and Murray for their work on table legs

  • Thanks to Eris for stocking electrical cables in the Stockroom

  • Thanks to Geoff Cowrie for his work on the RFID Card printer

  • Thanks to Kris for doing a gas cylinder swop for the Zac

  • Thanks to Ryan Kirkpatrick for tidying up a bench in the Woodshop

  • Thanks to Scott Wilson for donating a Ryobi 18v orbital sander and sandpaper

  • Thanks to Josh for adding Starboard to Discord so Emily can pre-populate thankyous for meetings

  • Thanks to everyone who contributed to the new Electronics area

  • Thanks to Josh, Ryan, Zac, Brendan, Eris and Jess for spending the weekend moving steel and getting a ton of welding done

  • Thanks to everyone who helped clean up the Quad

  • Thanks to everyone who helped move the heavy transformer out of the car

  • Thanks to Ryan and Chloe for getting the trailer wheels off

  • Thanks to Eris for taking the trailer tyres to the shop

  • Thanks to Murray and Eris for finishing the new table legs

  • Thanks to Paula for cleaning the old table legs down to be reused

  • Thanks to Eris for sourcing a transformer for the CNC, and to Anthony and James for collecting it

  • Thanks to Brendan for sorting out a new nuc for the laser

  • Thanks to Brendan for adding DXF and DWG to the wiki

  • Thanks to Eris and Zac for completing storage shelves

  • Thanks to Josh for the new keytags

  • Thanks to Paula for her work on the vacuum pump

  • Thanks to Geoff for helping to weld the metal shelf frames

  • Thanks to Zac for his demonstration of making jewellery boxes, and his classes

  • Thanks to Ryan for cleaning up the toolbox in the Metalshed

  • Thanks to Jaimyn and Brendan for working on the CR10 and CRXs

  • Thanks to Josh and Beau for their IMMENSE amount of work on the electrical work in the Metalshop and Woodshop!

  • Thanks everyone for a mammoth effort over the last two weeks!

Big thanks to Jaimyn, who helped get the new 3d printer bay rack-it to HSBNE in his Leaf and then helped assemble it and relocate Digifab into the new room. And by helped, I mean he did most of the work. Thanks Jaimyn.

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Big thanks to @nog3 for coming with me today and helping move digifab across, it was a huge effort by both of us. :slight_smile:

Apologies, forgot to post the thankyous from the last meeting, so the list looks huge!

  • Thanks to Zak for a great Hammer Workshop

  • Thanks to Ryan and Ale for ripping out the yellow cabinet in Woodshop

  • Thanks to Blair for helping to solder 30 interlock boards

  • Thanks to Ryan, Ale and Josh for working on the CNC

  • Thanks to Jaimyn for taking over some of the Treasurer work

  • Thanks to the exec for their work with Divipay and budgeting

  • Thanks to Aaron and Brendan for replacing the lights and camera in the Games Room

  • Thanks to Jaimyn and Brendan for their working moving Digifab

  • Thanks to Geoff for his work on the card printer

  • Thanks to Eris and Ryan for helping with the surface plate

  • Thanks to Ale for changing the inserts on the A3 31

  • Thanks to Ryan for his work documenting the CNC

  • Thanks to Oscar for fixing the trailer lights

  • Thanks to Eris for all his work testing and tagging

  • Thanks to Alex for donating a box for the YAG transformer

  • Thanks to Josh for loaning the surface plate

  • Thanks to Josh for working on dust extraction

  • Thanks to Eris, Dave and Josh for their continued work on the YAG