Thank You - Updated 2018 Edition

(Drew Spriggs) #22

A massive, massive thankyou to Mike (unsure of his username on the forums, but Mike with Lofty the bus) for a LOT of cleaning up you’ve done in the metalshop over the last few days, as well as helping with maintenance on our equipment.

Not only as a cause leader, but somebody who spends a lot of time working in there, it is massively appreciated.

(Brendan Halliday) #24

I’m sure it’s at least once a week I say this, but I’d like to thank Beau.

Tonight Beau fixed the hardwired link between the Greenroom building and the shed building. This should fix many issues we were having with connectivity in the woodshop and/or any slow networking outside.

Thanks Beau.

(Brendan Halliday) #25

So I only had the half of it.

Also thanks to Beau last night we had three of the new cameras installed. In the quad, Metal Shop and Wood Shop.

Thanks @Thermoelectric !

(Drew Spriggs) #26

Thankyou to everybody who turned up to help yesterday - @Boo, @nogthree, @Eris_Ryan, @julie.kernick, @Mick_Morrison, @Thermoelectric, @Siridar and others who I forgot.

The cleanup ended up being a -significantly- bigger job than we expected, with almost the entire day being taken up cleaning the quad, metal shop and server room. We also managed to fill a skip bin up, so we will need to get another or have a lot of trailer runs to finish cleaning.

(Drew Spriggs) #27

A huge thankyou to @jabelone and @sjpiper145 for cleaning up the classroom yesterday

(Drew Spriggs) #28

A big thankyou to @Svenska - as many of you know, I ran a pretty big strongman/strongwoman event on the weekend, which I’ve had on the cards for the last 7 months. One of the drawcards was some unique equipment, and with Sven’s help we designed and built ‘The Gallows’. Pictured is current Australia’s Strongest Man and one of his competitors going head to head on this frame, which was definitely a highlight for the competitors.

Without Sven’s help, there is no way something like this would have functioned as well as it did!

(Drew Spriggs) #29

Thankyou @devians and Ben (unsure of username) for cleaning and organising the shipping container on Tuesday night.

It’s a huge job to start, and it’s greatly appreciated!

(Brendan Halliday) #31

I’d like to thank @Mick_Morrison for all the times he’s shared his personal tools with me when I’ve been unable to find a particular tool around the space. (Last night it was a hammer, usually I can find six.)

(Scott Wilson) #32

I would also like to thank @Mick_Morrison for exactly the same reason - last time, it was an electric impact and a breaker bar.


I would like to thank @Mick_Morrison for getting gas for the mig and getting the other mig welder up and running.

(Drew Spriggs) #34

Thankyou anybody who was there for our Hacker Garage Sale this morning. Unfortunately I couldn’t make it in until it was over, however it looks like we got rid of a bunch of stuff and make some sweet, sweet dollarydoos.

People I know were there: @Siridar, @Mick_Morrison, @julie.kernick and @VitaminJ


Big public thanks to metal-shop Cause Leader Drew Spriggs for getting us all this new equipment and tools for the shop. For those who haven’t been out to the metal-shop for a while, since Drew became Cause Leader he has acquired for the shop a heavy duty horizontal band saw, a large stand-mounted drill press, new grinders, vertical linisher plus lots of belts and grinding disks, an engine hoist, bins and brooms and more space in the shop. When I arrived this morning, there are two trolley loads of hand and machine tools ready waiting for assembly and installation around the shop including a new hydraulic press, hand tools, impact sockets for the air driver, a large industrial-sized tool chest fully loaded with all the day-to-day general tools everyone regularly uses in the shop and a new motor for the Hafco lathe which will give us two running lathes again, among other items in boxes ready for setup. These are all essential shop items we really need and they get a lot of use. Thank you, I’m sure everyone who uses the metal-shop appreciates the growing range of tools and equipment we are fortunate to have at our disposal for use on our projects at the space.

(Zac Forrester) #36

Go drew!!

(Drew Spriggs) #37

Thankyou @Svenska, other Sven and @Mick_Morrison for giving me a hand rearranging the metal shop today.

(Brendan Halliday) #38

Bit of a backlog, but:

I’d like to thank @Mick_Morrison and @julie.kernick for taking the reins on cleaning up and organising the ryobi tool storage in members storage. This is many hours of 3d printing and screwing those prints to the wall later.

@jabelone for the new portal and his work on it, it’s improving in leaps and bounds in ways that not everyone will see on the front end.

@jabelone again for adding the little ‘pull to release’ lever to the door holder on members storage.

@devians for picking up a close cousin of one of the drinks machines we have from @lhovo, who has donated it to us for parts.

@Pommygirl for restocking the vending machine and filling up all the working lines.

(Brendan Halliday) #39

Also before I forget, thank you to @jabelone and @doc for their help hanging the new smaller server rack over the weekend.

(Alex Wixted) #40

Absolutely massive thank you to @jabelone for the hard work he has done on the new members portal. We ran the first new members through an induction using the new portal on Tuesday night and it has made the job significantly easier, with new members leaving the induction with invoices already in their inbox! this should significantly improve our member retention.

Additionally, @jabelone and @sjpiper145 have also put together a new member induction booklet, with a heap of great information that’s important to know. This booklet also contains a membership card, so between it and the new portal, the process of becoming a member has been greatly streamlined.

I honestly can’t emphasise how great this stuff, really fantastic work all round

(Brendan Halliday) #41

I’d like to thank @jabelone and @DistractionKitten for their help this afternoon with relocating our networking equipment to its new home in the wall rack. We managed to get through this with a minimum of network disturbance and this change means we’re reclaiming some storage space in the Server Room as well as lowering our energy usage footprint in the room by 60% or better.

Here it was when we got in:

And before I left:


I would like to thank @3Doc @moltenaluminium and myself for cleaning up the fibreglass left on the green room benchtop and floor.