Thank You - Updated 2018 Edition

It’s important at HSBNE that we recognize when other people’s contributions help HSBNE.

Nobody is great at showing off what they’ve improved at HSBNE, so we like to thank people for doing things as we notice them.

Post your thank-you’s in this thread, tagging them if you can and we’ll read these out at the next meeting!

Old Thread: Thank You

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I’d like to thank @dougmillertmc for going out of his way to help Digifab work on getting a bench in last night.

He cut up some wood for the tops and the shelves and was a model excellent member.

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I’d like to thank @dougmillertmc and @Thermoelectric for their fantastic work in repairing the drop saw/mitre saw in the woodshop. Much safer to use and giving better results!


I’d like to thank @dougmillertmc and @ltp for helping @crofty and I with putting the new digifab bench in, it’s pretty darn swank.

Also thankyou to @jabelone for dropping in to poke the octopi setup on the taz when it felt like having a rest.


Thanks to @riumplus for Getting the popcorn machine backup and running and another thank you to @riumplus for restocking the vending machine every week.

You are awesome.
Thank you

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Thanks to @nogthree for fixing the access-control system yesterday. It turns out that a daily action that runs periodically was filling up the disks and the server ran out of space, and the RFID database was locked as a result. Fixed by nog3, thanks!


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I’d like to thank @Drew_Spriggs for running a quite successful Metal Shop working bee, it looks a lot better already!

Also I’d like to thank the following members for attending the working bee and/or helping out with it:
Phil - I don’t know their online name to tag.

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Thankyou - @Thermoelectric for ordering and picking up 3 new angle grinders for the metal shop.

@ltp for cutting some shelves for some roller shelves for the metal shop, and Wayne (don’t know his username sorry) for trimming them up

Thank you to @ltp for running a super productive working bee today, especially for doing 4 or more dump runs! He also cooked food for the volunteers afterwards.

Thanks to the following folks for helping out with the working bee:

I’m sure I’ve forgotten some names from that list.

Super big thankyou to @Tab for cutting up the huge acrylic sheets we had into smaller sizes for use in Digifab.

@andrew1973 for taking another ewaste run to substation 33 and for him and @doc purging much of the cruft in the boneyard.

Also, big thank-you to those who cooked lunch. :slight_smile: Sorry, still learning your names.

Thank you to the person/s who organised for the replacement metal shop equipment. We now have three new good quality angle grinders mounted on a movable trolley and two new clear visor full-face safety shields available for use – one in the metal shop and one in the wood shop.


Thanks to @nogthree for setting aside a LED Matrix Sign from the Edge for us, to @andrew1973 for coming along to pick up the 3 meter long monolith on short notice, and thanks to @pelrun who is actively working towards getting it running! Will be a great asset to advertise to the Eat Street Crowds.


A big thank-you to all those who participated in the working bee… we got a lot done yesterday and while there’s still a little left to be done, it’s maybe half an hour’s work with no special tools needed.

Some names I recall… I know there’s about two or three of you of whom I’m still getting to know… but @ltp, @devians, @Thermoelectric come to mind. I know there were more than that, so I’ll just make an impression of a hole now and let one of the others fill me in. :slight_smile:

Well done all. … and yes, now that I have gotten out of bed, a few muscles are starting to complain.

Thanks to @rut4ger for getting a bearing out for the mill rebuild. I was about ready to smash it with a hammer.

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I’d really like to thank @rut4ger and @ltp for their help and quick thinking regarding a box that burst into flames in the Green Room building today.

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A big thanks to @pelrun for staying around so I could lazor some stuff tonight. It is greatly appreciated!

I’d really like to thank @darthbobcat and @buzz for helping to assemble some new door control hardware last night, we should probably have these assembled in time for new years.


I’d like to thank @Drew_Spriggs for chairing the first of hopefully many culture working group meetings this evening.

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This is the 2017 thread but I feel this needs reviving.

I’d like to give a huge thank you to @ian.kerr.redmond for his space improvement activities lately.

He recently created and installed this beautiful key status tracking rack acting on advice and hardware from other members.

And last night he was instrumental to getting the first five of our new unifi UVC cameras in. Below is a view of all five running live from last night:

So thank you Ian, your help is much appreciated.