Thankyou 2019 Edition

A huge thankyou to @riumplus for his work in swapping over the laser cutter PC’s yesterday. It’s been a job that nobody had done in over 12 months, and now it’s done and upgraded it should make the entire laser cutting process much faster and less frustrating.

Another thankyou to @wixted and @Svenska for their work in securing the side panel on the shipping container arches yesterday. Although the ‘cyclone’ we were getting never happened, the wind was enough to rip a few of the eyelets out and had a pretty high risk of it all blowing away.


That reminds me… when I organised the first of these container domes, I asked, and was advised their wind rating is approx 150km/hr with the fabric properly installed (or approx a category 3 cyclone) , and that in the event of extreme winds like that , we could reduce risk of failure by unbuckling the roof fabric from one side and pull it off the steel structure entirely, and then although things would now get wet underneath, the roof would not be at risk of being blown apart.

Necroposting, but here’s some thankyous.

I’d like to thank @ian.kerr.redmond, @jabelone and @pelrun for presenting their home automation setups at last night’s Home Automation talks event. They all went into great detail into their approach and methodology and it was well received.

Also, a big thankyou to @Drew_Spriggs for babysitting me with a simple mill job last night. (Literally make a hole 23mm away from the center of an existing hole in a part.)


I’d like to send a big thank you to @reatek and @Alan for their work getting an ethernet connection out to the forge over the last couple of days. Now that this is in place we’ll finally have ethernet and cameras out in the hardstand.

Additionally, I’d like to recognize the work that @jabelone has done whilst volunteering as Treasurer. I’ve spent a lot of time trying to help streamline the treasurer’s workload and there is a lot more work involved in it than you would expect.


Also, I’d like to thank and recognize @Boo for all the work he has done over the years in building Craft Punk into what it is today, a solid platform for supporting craft and punk.