Thankyou, Changes and moving forward

I’d like to say thankyou to the woodshop cause members for your support at our last cause meeting, its important to me to have you all on board.

I am aware that a fair portion of you have concerns, so I’d like to detail a few changes I’ll be personally making in the future.

I’ve found it difficult to work on cause related matters online, so I’d like to counter that by having more regular cause meetings and working groups where we can discuss things affecting the cause in person.

I’m going to try my best to help schedule and keep moving forward more continual improvement in the cause, ie to be more hands on at organisation rather than the more supportive approach I’ve taken in the past.

You’ll see an agenda item for the next cause meeting is to discuss the structure of the cause, any other positions in it and how we’ll all work together in future. Its important that we all agree on how we work together so we all have the same expectations.

I would very much like some input as well from cause members on what they’d like to see around communication methods of outstanding jobs and issues, whether we should utilise a big whiteboard or trello tickets or some other system so we can more clearly communicate the jobs to be done and who to approach.

There are probably more concerns that some of you have, and if you have them, please approach me politely in person and I’m very willing to take any advice or concerns on board.

I’m hoping these measures and anything else suggested to me means that we all achieve much more together in the future.