The big everything Hulk thread

Here I will collect all things Hulk related.
Answer questions and collate a FAQ.

Wiki link:


Fix ATC (This might be done. Cross fingers)
Get gearbox oil 2L
Get lithium grease
Grease all bearings
Grease all screws
Set up new computer with 32 bit Windows
Mount all tools and set offsets
Create tool table for Fusion360
Find place for tool table/post processor
Get air to Hulk
Add second flood coolant line
Hone table
Document serial settings
Write story about what has been done so far
Put things from here to Wiki

Level Hulk: Thank you @rawb111
Make cabinet lockable: Thank you @rut4ger and @Sven2
Get hydraulic oil 20L
Redo ATC lettering: Thank you @rut4ger

Tool list:

Consumable list: