The Boat Project

Hi all,
I’ve started this log for the Boat Project, as a place to discuss ideas, ask questions and document the whole process.
To begin with here are the boat’s specs:

1975 Van der Vries - Cumulant III
Length: 10 m
Breadth: 3.1
Height (not including mast): 3m
Engine: Inboard deisel. 22KW. Arona - number 4323575
Material: Steel
Name: Sea(u)rchin
Can sleep 3- 6 people.
History: Bought by two 18 year olds in last year of high school and sailed from Holland to Australia in 2012.

You can see more photos of the boat on their blog:

(The boat under sail last week as we moved her to Caboolture)

(The boat as she currently is, on the hardstand in Caboolture)
Although it looks bad, the patchy paint on the hull, is just that, paint… not rust. But above the waterline (yellow paint) you can see the rust spots that will be a major part of the job.

Apologies for such a blurry photo, but it does give you an idea of the interior. To the left is a drop down table/double bed, forward is a bathroom and V berth and to the right is a quarter berth.

I hope this helps give an idea of the boat, the state she is in and what is possible.

Please feel free to ask for more information and to post ideas.

Cheers and fair winds,


A very cool project skipper! It was a great idea sharing the link to the last owner’s blog… really shows off the possibilities! What an amazing journey they made. It is quite a cool cross over project between the very ‘techie’ projects and one linking HSBNE to our home in what for many years has been a major part of Queensland’s shipping history.

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She is PRETTY!
Can’t wait to meet her in person and give her a gentle stroke with an angle grinder :wink:


Is the idea to get her back up to former glory and sail around brissy? Ive got a HVLP spray setup that can be used to help. 30ft is a lot of boat! Very exciting.

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