The Deconstruction Event

Hey everyone, is on again this year and I was planing on entering it is over the G20 weekend adjusting for time zones from Sat 15 11AM till Monday 17 11AM we couldn’t have lucked it to fit on the public holiday.

One question is my team is not all hackerspace members so is there anyway we can do a weekend membership for the day though I am hoping some of them will go on to be members afterwards.

Also looking for the following for our parts we are possibly going to pull apart for a solar brewery:
Rear projection TV
Scrap wood or metal for framing
Push Bike
Tea infusers

Would be keen to see multiple teams to really show off the space as we will be streaming for the whole time otherwise if anyone wants to help out there are plenty of things to do. I might need someone to help us smelt some cans for an idea I have for part of it.


So long as you ( a member) are fully supervising your friends ( aka “guests” ), it’s fine for them to “visit” the hackerspace as a one-off kinda thing without having to become any sort of “temporary member” ( which we don’t have have, as we’re cool with this sort of thing being free ).

So, yes, that’s cool, no cost to your friends, etc. If they come back later, and become members, that awesome, if they don’t, that cool too. they’ll at least tell their friends abut us. :-).

Just one thing… If you can’t guarantee that a willing member ( ie you) will be onsite to supervise your friends at all times, then it’s not allowed. The next best thing you can do then, is to have at least one of the people become a member( and they are the one who will be onsite, and is willing to “supervise” the others ) … as we need at least one responsible onsite, who’s been inducted in safety, security, and group ethos, etc.

Between Myself and Casey we will be there the whole time to cover that unless we drag everyone out to lunch though getting one more as a member before then might be a good plan.