The HSBNE Kickstarter Campaign is on its way!

Good morning to everyone!

The kickstarter campaign for HSBNE is about to go live.
The official date of the launch is going to be the 26th of September.

Timeka and I have been working on some teaser posters which we will start to distribute very soon.

Information about the campaign will be released on our facebook page and our blog in the next couple of hours. Be sure to start inviting friends, family, coworkers, classmates or people you randomly just met to like us on facebook so that they can receive updates on the campaign progress.

To have a look at what will be displayed on the Kickstarter page click on the link below:

Kickstarter Page:

To have a look at the different rewards that will be offered click on the link below:

Kickstarter Rewards:

If you want to have a look at the kickstarter video click on this link: (keep in mind that this page is an old version and the content is different from the links above).

So everyone this is happening!!!.. Make sure to SHARE SHARE SHARE the news!!! :slight_smile: