The last IBC (square water tank) at the space - who owns this?


I’ve removed all my IBCs that I was temporarily storing at the space. However, there’s one IBC left which wasn’t mine - it was/is near the blacksmithing/forging area (now used as telco manhole cover).

Does anyone know who’s this is - was it abandoned from the biodiesel guys?

If nobody claims it or wants it, I will take it from the space to declutter.

How long should I wait before claiming it? Should I ticket this stuff orrrrrrrrrr?


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Not sure who owns it as such, but its been at the space for >18 months.

There was discussion to use it as water tank for a fire trailer\ute (also usable to fill portaloo flush tanks) for Modifyre, so while if an owner does step up its theirs to take I’d really rather see it get used for a fellow community run not for profit than simply removed as clutter.