The new Craft Punk room!

So if you’ve stuck your head in the old digifab/printer room recently, you might’ve noticed things have gotten a little more tidy and organised in there. This is mostly the work of the Craft Punk cause leader, @Boo with the assistance of @nogthree and a small bit of help from myself! This room is now actually usable for cosplay, crafting and textile works. We aim to have the vacuum former running soon. Here’s some pretty photos of the new room!

(what you see when you first walk in the door)

corner of crafting supplies… And that hatch on the wall is a Ninja Exit. Yes really :door: )

(Vacuum former and CNC all in place)

(Awesome panorama that unfortunately cut off the crafting supplies wall, but hey at least the rest of the room is there!)

As always, keep in mind that since this room’s cleanliness is the responsibility of the Craft Punk cause, nothing is to be placed in this room without running it past the cause leader first (because at minimum we have to clean it and find it a proper home rather than have it sitting in the middle of the table forevers).


Looking great people! Awesome work. :slight_smile:

Has the ninja exit been tested by an actual ninja? Or might we never know because of the ninjas’ stealthy skills?

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Oh and do ninjas use our RFID cards?