The next Working Bee!

Save the date! 7th of December, starting at midday, will be on at the same time as the open day :slight_smile:

Action items:

  • Mesh on the front window
  • CNC machine moved in the stockroom
  • Culling the painting box
  • Working out a plan for painting the room (To tye-dye, or not to tye-dye, that is the question)

I’m also happy to organise the materials for a BBQ, and/or an esky of cold drinks? Please let me know what refreshments would be preferred :slight_smile:

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Planning to be there! If the paint is there, I’m happy to start applying it to a wall, or two. Can byo roller and tray. Let me know. :slight_smile:
As for a lunch I can BYO veggie sausages.

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If you can bring painting gear, that would be awesome! I know @Boo also said he would bring his gear and the paint, and we’ve voted to do it, so lets do the thing!