The process of forging a sword

Hello everyone,
I am part of my local scout troop, and we would like to do our history badge.We have decided to do the Medieval Period. There is an activity section where it suggests making a replica of something from that era. My patrol thought it would be really cool to forge a sword. We don’t have much of an idea of how to do it, but we were thinking something like this. Is this a practical idea, or is it too advanced? How would we do it and would anyone help us with our project?


swords fall under category M weapons and are illegal to possess or make without reasonable cause or a collectors license. Make no mistake, they are a weapon, and can very easily injure, maim or kill someone.

If you’re keen on making something military related, I would recommend some form of armour, such as chain mail or lamellar armour. You could also contact one of the many re-enactment groups around Brisbane for further ideas or information, such as the New Varangian Guard, Queensland Living History Federation or History Alive

Considered a trebuchet? Learning how chainmail is made could be a good idea as Alex mentioned, it is something that a number of people could sit around making at once.

Are you sure that swords are category M?

Do I need a licence to possess swords in Queensland?
No, under current legislation swords do not need to be registered to a licence issued under the provisions of the Weapons Act 1990 . However, the misuse provisions of Sections 57-59 of the Weapons Act 1990 , will apply to persons who possess swords in Queensland.

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@wixted after speaking to Qld Weapons licencing sword do not fall under Cat M at all as long as the Sword is larger then 6 inch, The sword can even be sharp if you wanted it to be.

We had to check this last year for SupaNova to ensure we were allowed to make one as well as display it.
When speaking to them they honest didn’t even want to talk about it,
It seemed like a question they get asked alot,

the only thing they did want to make sure people know was if you are going to go swinging it around in public make sure you have advised the police at your local cop shop that a sword will be used, to ensure they know of the sword being swang and or present and if people call about it they are prepared and don’t have to send police all the time

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Hey bro, I haven’t forged a sword. But I think that some of the principles of forging a knife apply to sword making. Perhaps get experience beating a knife, then transfer that knowledge to the sword.

I can tell u a little about the different strikes with the hammer and the effect they are many to have when “moving” steel.

Have you thought maybe making a viking torc instead? (OK - that’s dark ages, but still history) - you could practice with copper, which is pretty cheap and then move to silver if you want to go all out - that way everyone gets a piece of jewellery as a souvenir too! Although lamellar armour is pretty cool too.