Thursday Night Welding Classes

It’s happening one way or another. Thursday nights from now on, I’ll be running a welding/fabrication class on Thursday evenings at 6pm - whenever we get sick of making stuff. I’d like to get a show of hands to see who is interested and going to be there on Thursday evening. Basically I’d like to first get people going on some test pieces, get people comfortable with using the machines and proficient enough. Then teach the fabrication side where possible with the Go Kart project and little jobs to improve the space.

I spent the last couple of days making a suitable area for classes and making stuff. There’s a steel rack, a heavy duty bench, and for now a sense of tenuous order. :smile: I built a trolley for the little red welder so it’s a bit more usable and portable. There will be shadow boards and colour coded tools in the area. They’re all going to be pink. Pinker than you can stand to look at, so they stick out like dogs balls and everyone thinks “OH SHIT A PINK TOOL!!! I KNOW WHERE THAT GOES!!!” And return it to its rightful place/throw it in the general direction of the shed. I’d like to see the same thing with different colours in the machine shop, wood shop and green room, but that’s another thing for another day.

I’d like this class to serve as an induction for anyone who plans on using all the gear, I’ll attempt to legitimise the process with some basic reading material and general do’s and don’ts to avoid death and destruction, over the coming weeks.

Hope to see lots of you there on Thursday!


Interested. I’ll be there on Thursday!

Recommendations for mask/gloves/etc? I don’t own any yet but have been considering buying my own kit.

Good point, something I was going to put in my original post but forgot.

  • First thing. Don’t wear any synthetic fibers, i.e. nylon or polyester, feel free to wear any kevlar you have however. :smile: The possibility of setting yourself on fire is real and probably the most immediate danger when welding. That’s not to say it’s a likely scenario, it’s just a particularly bad time for you if you set your polyester shirt on fire. Cotton is the way to go usually, the thicker the better.

  • Shoes are especially important, shoes with, synthetic webbing and such in the top will easily be burnt through by falling slag or molten steel. It’s not very fun having molten steel in your shoe. Leather shoes/boots are the way to go. Thicker soles are better as sometimes there are things on the floor that will burn through a thin sole.

  • Long sleeves are a must to avoid “ray burn” the arc puts out a heap of UV so any exposed skin will get really badly “sunburnt” in a relatively short amount of time. Also keeps the sparks off your arms.

As far as your own kit goes, any cheap auto darkening welding helmet is good, they’re around $50 from bunnings. Unless you plan on making a day job of it or doing bigger jobs, the more expensive helmets aren’t worth the money.

Gloves are gloves, none are really better than the others. I prefer the thinner style, but i’m ok trading protection for a little more dexterity. The blue CIG gloves are standard and last a thousand years if you’re at all careful with them. Gloves are around $10-20 a pair. Wherever you go, just try them on and see what feels good.

If you plan on doing the classes regularly or doing other projects, I’d get your own kit. Welding is pretty hot work so the gear tends to get a bit sweaty.

I think that about covers everything important before people show up.


I’m definitely interested, but can’t make this Thursday night. Been meaning to learn to weld for a long time.

Thankyou all who attended this evening. Was fantastic to see everyone giving it all a crack!


Oh man I’m so excited by this prospect, I’m sad I missed last night!

If I can start this coming Thursday I’d greatly appreciate it, I’ll owe you one!

Good stuff! There will be plenty more to come don’t worry. :smile:

I think once everyones got a decent grasp on the the welding side of things, our first project will be a frame for the Strandbeest. We can learn some fabrication techniques and together at the end we’ll have something awesome with any luck!

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Thanks Karl! Was an awesome experience to have a go at something that’s been on my bucket list for a long time!

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Something like this suitable for the stuff we’ll be doing?

They also have gloves:

Yeah, for sure. The helmet looks to be a bit better quality than you’d get at bunnings. Looks pretty decent.

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Picked up the welding mask, gloves and a long-sleeve cotton work shirt. Ready to melt metal together with electricity!


Gooooooooooood shit!

Howdy All. I’ve been called for work tomorrow night so I’ll be unable to run the class this week. Next week however same time and place we’ll be into it!

Ok no worries. Thanks for letting us know

Would it be okay if I still go in tonight and get some practice on the arc welder? Are those bits of metal somewhere? Otherwise I’ll go find some scrap from behind the metal workshop

Nothings set up and there’s a bit of a mess in there at the moment. I was in a bit of a rush bringing some stuff in the other day and just dumped and ran. But you’re always welcome and encouraged to use all the gear there at any time after induction. There’s not much that can go catastrophically wrong, just make sure you know what you’re doing before starting on your own.

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