Tool Respect

So I fixed up the drop saw safety shield the other day. Holy fuck has that thing had some abuse! Come on guys, can we try to be a little gentler on the tools.

In the metal shop Ive noticed a few times now the horrible sequel of over speed drills and bits. Take 10 mins to find the right speed online, dont be a Dunning–Kruger subject. A better finish and the tool wont be fucked for the next person to sharpen/fix.

Dont force it!


Saw that the other evening, meant to ticket it. Thanks for fixing it man.


1000% THIS!. Treat these tools as if you paid for them, because as a member, you did. Take care of your tools and take care of yourself ( safety first ). Your projects will be that much better in the long run.


Maybe something we could do over time, something that has helped at other places I’ve worked - especially with high turn over or throughput - would be to make some process documents, little A4 or whatever short guides, think info graphs, that can be put up near each piece of equipment that detail the proper use. As reminders and such.

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We tend to call this JIT Documentation (Just in time) and its super effective. The hard part is who writes it? haha :slight_smile:

Honestly though, if you want to have a go at it, go hell for leather. If you (or anyone) needs help with it, hit me up :slight_smile: