Toolmaking class: looking for expressions of interest

I’m looking to get an idea of whether people are interested in participating in a tool making class in the future (latter half of this year). This class would likely run for a full weekend - or perhaps several Tuesday nights - and consist of learning milling, surface grinding, heat treating and metrology. It’ll consist of making either precision parallels or 123 blocks out of tool steel and will serve as an induction into every machine used. This class would be contingent upon the purchase of a heat treating oven which has been an item of discussion recently.

Yes I would be interested.

Due to the length, so long as I knew far enough in advance (i.e. at least a week), I’m in for this. A lot of things there sound very useful as skills.

Keen to learn the machining/grinding/metrology side of things, happy to help with the heat treat/metallurgy side of things :slight_smile:

super keen in financial

Very keen

I’m impressed.
CNC machine setup/induction prep.
Use of carrot and stick to get member support for heat treat oven.
More contribution to members of metalshop.
Coherent, process/task, multi tool driven activity.

Count me in at all points

Try a presales position when the opportunity hits.

I’d be very interested.


definitely interested