Totally Nutritional Products Vending Machine Update

As people might have seen/experienced, the vending machine currently believes our fair and wonderful Dollarydoos are the currency of the devil and isn’t accepting any.

I’m going to try putting a more diverse float in it Tuesday night to see if that fixes the problem in the short term, but in the long term, I think it would be a good idea to convert it to use spacebucks. My reasoning is: people don’t use all that much coinage anyway, spacebucks already exists, we could bypass the $10 limit and that makes it easier to stock consumables.

I’ve already talked about it with Nog and Sgt Dicks, it would be possible to do (and I’d love the chance to learn/do a HS project).

I also acknowledge devians efforts researching spacebucks alternatives (discussed on Discord), it may be something to turn to in the future when volume is higher (just like the email system), but for now I think it’s easier to stick with the existing HS infrastructure.

This post is to invite any feedback/comments, I think as Sgt Dicks still owns the machine, it’s not something that has to be voted on, but could be?


Can we please add Pork Crackle and a few other less carby foods to the machine?

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