Toughest Hack

Tough Mudder South East Queensland - Saturday, 12 September, 2015

Cheap Tough Mudder tickets for the next 2 days for those keen to test their metal and team working skills. I cannot recommend this highly enough!!!

Who is keen??? I’ll make a HSBNE group and we can sign up together!

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*soz @nogthree I couldn’t find the original thread

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Yeah I’ll give it a bash. It’ll give me another good reason to not be fat.

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From experience all sorts and fitness levels can do it!

This is bringing back memories of scouts… I’m highly tempted! Plus six months is more than enough time that anyone should be able to get fit in time, especially if it’s a group thing with a little peer-pressure to make sure you’re doing your workouts.

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I would like to do this with you all. I miss challenging myself physically and would love to push myself back into fitness. I would totally be in for a HSBNE boot camp for training too.

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