Tour around the space next weekend?

Hi everyone!

I’m visiting Brisbane next weekend, and was wondering whether I could check out your space as well. Anyone around sometime next weekend? I could bring some stickers from my home hackerspace in return :wink:

Also, do you happen to have a hackerspace passport stamp?


Hi Severin! Which hackerspace are you from?

According to various schedules, @victorv’s organising a painting day for this Saturday 7th and @Nadine has scheduled that the Electronics & Digital Fabrication causes will be making the letters H & E for our sign on Sunday 8th. Both are scheduled during the day. I won’t be there so I can’t commit to meeting you for a tour, but odds are pretty high someone will be there (let’s see if anyone who is planning to attend checks this thread before then).

Unless you mean the following weekend. In which case the only thing scheduled so far is Nadine has organised for the finishing touches to our HSBNE sign on Sunday the 15th.

Someone else can correct me if my info is out of date here, but I don’t think we have a passport stamp yet. It’s somewhere on our always-expanding-and-contracting To Do list.

Hi Severin,

As Riumplus pointed out there will be a few people at the space this weekend (especially on Saturday) so feel free to drop by. In case you might need it, my number is 0435248087


Victor Vicario
HSBNE President

Hi Riumplus, hi Victor,

Awesome! I’ll try to stop by later today then.

My home hackerspace is the Munich Maker Lab, in Germany.

Looking forward to meet you, and check out the space.

  • Severin

Sorry I had to say hi and run off; I have a prior engagement this evening. Hope you found everything okay! Excuse the mess right now, we’re in the middle of a big clean-up and renovation. :slight_smile: