Tree and Grass Table

A project I have started working on is a table for home/the space (depending on how much material I can get my hands on)

I will be hosting some Woodworking classes where we will work on the table, (check out the woodworking cause). If you are interested in learning helping or making your own please let me know.

Firstly I sourced some material which is rough cut slabs. I checked out for the perfect timber I wanted. However its quite expensive. I’m trying to remind myself to buy a similar table would be very expensive.

The greenery I chose is Wheetgrass. I literally bought some wheat from the health food store and threw it at the dirt, then BAM life! You could also use cat grass or anything else green and short.

I am currently working on an arduino based automatic watering system. So I don’t have to think about it every day. More on that later.

Next post coming soon!