Trying to setup 3D printer workshops

Hi all,

3D printing seems to be on a lot of minds lately,
Don is refering people to the Space when he has is 3D meetups as well.

I would like to know who would be interested in a Build a 3D printer workshop and who in a working with 3D printers workshop.

I’m looking for people to sign up to the workshops as well as someone to help me run it.

My Ideas so far:
Build a 3D printer:

  • 2-3 hour meetup for general oriantation and check what printer will be build
  • 3 day (9 to 5) workshop to assemble the printer and do a first print

working with 3D printers:

  • one day (4 hours or so) workshop where people can bring there printers or ask questions on how to fix things

So who would be able to help me as Tutor? :smile:

Who would like to participate wfor what workshop?

Feedback required!


as a non member I would be most keen to experience both of these. also I have a colleague that would be interested.
just a question though would you guys have at the working with 3d printer workshop a build of materials for sale too? just in case someone like me turned up and realised his issue was a power supply or something similiar

Hi Alex, This sounds good. When these have been run in the past do you do a group buy on the items required to build a printer and then everyone pays for their ‘kit’? Also would 3 days be 1 day weekly or fortnightly or monthly, consecutive over a weekend, or time of the yeah when people are usually off work? Did you have any dates in mind roughly?


Hey guys,

re: @Phil_Lucas :
I don’t think that we would be able to have a lot of “spare” parts on this workshops.
That said, I’m sure that we would be able to print required parts and have some screws and so on there.
Maybe not boards and extruders and so on…

re: @nathanbeveridge :

We would bulk buy the kit so that we might get a better deal. That said, everyone needs to pay before we order.
Timing wise, I would think of 3 Saturdays in a row, as this seems to be the easiest to schedule.


I would be interested in attending this.